If you would like a real time connection on Skype, Face time etc. with an other school in your circle; please indicate so on this page.

Feel free to also give a time / date that would suit you best :-)

It is also possible to email the teachers of the other schools directly:

please find their names and email addresses on the dark blue tab 'Users' above.


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Skype/ Face time ?

LC school - Utrecht  Friday Feb.27 2015 at 09:00 (Dutch time)
Circle school  - Paramaribo Skype
de Grundel Hengelo Holland class 2 HA1

Thursday 24 of March from 14.20 till 15.10 Dutch time (CET) The local time in Toronto will be 9.20 in the morning till 10.10 in the morning

King City Public School

Senator O'Connor  May 20th, Friday. 9:00 to 10:00 EDT. This is 3:00-4:00PM South African Time  time.  Hope School South Africa  Skype