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King City Public School

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  • We ask you to share not only the results, but also the learning process of how you discussed, planned, divided tasks etc..in your own group. 


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We are the King City Cobras, grade 8’s from a small, rural community about 30 minutes from Toronto. We are athletes, artists and community helpers. We are…


Casey — energetic, athletic, funny

Cyrel — devilish, clumsy, mysterious

Chris — rapper, energetic, goofy                                         

Christian — gamer, fisherman, nice

Sabrina — playful, excitable, clumsy                              

Jessica — sophisticated, motivated, outgoing

Jack — excellent, amusing, ginger

Taylor E. — kind, sweet, loving

Adam — funny, interesting, athletic

Taylor A. — creative, clumsy, respectful

Sameer — random, clumsy, kind

Joanna — funny, smart, emotional

Kaitlyn — fashionable, shy, determined

Adrian — strong, intuitive, athletic

Sophia — artistic, energetic, talkative

Solimon — funny, athletic, chill

Armin — tech, soccer-loving, intelligent

Johnny — funny, chill, energetic

Lei-Liu — weird, loving, kind

Alexandra — funny, artistic, athletic

Emma — sporty, artistic, compassionate

Melissa — poetic, athletic, intelligent 

Erika — indecisive, trustworthy, intelligent

Brooklyn — bookworm, deep, dancer

Raegan — kind, responsible, equestrian

Angelica — strong, intelligent, thoughtful

Matthew — ginger, athletic, quiet

Daniel —  tall, athletic, caring

Alex —  tall, athletic, kind

Owen —  coordinated, funny, athletic

Lucas M —  funny, athletic, energetic

Lucas S — funny, athletic, creative 

Emily — quiet, outgoing, fun

Annie — clumsy, honest, artistic

Shon —  martial artist, fit, responsible

Carter — funny, kind, athletic

David — athletic, funny, majestic 

Kyle — silky, mellow, passionate

Srichakra — confident, courageous, hard-working

Jake — happy, athletic, friendly

Mrs. Giel — curious, creative, enthusiastic

Ms. Prestwich — empathetic, calm, kind



Take a look at our Prezi!








Contributions Challenge 1:


My cartoon shows that the only thing that can help the Syrian civil war is peace. It shows a sign that says to help the Syrian refugees. There are also two stars shooting each other with a family in the middle, saying that their country needs help. The two stars shooting each other represent the two stars on the Syrian flag. The Syrian civil war needs to stop and the only way to stop war is with peace. There is also a mini crossword that shows everything that Syria needs right now: Respect, Peace, Safe, Help, Courage, and Diversity.


My cartoon it shows a variety of things, a gun, a crying face, a peace sign, and a happy face.

The gun causes sadness and fear. The peace sign is = to happy . It shows that guns are madness and sadess, and peace is happy.


My cartoon is about how on one side of the ocean there is a war going on and a lot of people are dying, but on the other side of the ocean people are having fun, playing, and relaxing.



The message in my cartoon is that ISIS are making the world believe that all Muslim’s are from ISIS or with ISIS, but they’re not all ISIS.

That causes unsafe homes for many Muslim people because the community is hating on the Muslims and treating them like they aren't human, but the world doesn’t realize all Muslims (except for the ones from ISIS) just want peace and equality and equity.


In my cartoon there is a loving family and a broken family. The loving family is holding hands and loving that they are a family. Then there is a  broken family where the dad is yelling the his daughter.  The mom and her sister are scared of the dad yelling at the daughter. This happens in many places around the world.


My cartoon compares the average safe Canadian home, and a very unsafe house in Syria. I added small details like “Home Sweet Home”, the difference between the window views, the T.V. and the nice kitchen to show the little things we take for granted.

Lucas S.



My cartoon shows that it's not a joke or a dream, it's real life and people are going through chaos and we think the complete opposite. We go to bed every night safely and they are over there going to bed in a war zone having their lives on the line, not knowing when they might get bombed or killed. When we hear about it, we are surprised but we relate it to a movie when it's really happening there. This war needs to stop and that will only happen if we see reality and stop it with others.


My drawing is about war and how it can damage your life, home and even your family. For example, I put a mom, dad and son. The mom and dad are fighting on the left and right while the son is in the middle crying. The mom and dad represent the 2 countries fighting, while the son represents all the other people crying like their families.



My cartoon is about how we can look at one place and think it is safe, but then the next day it could be like a war zone. For example I drew a plain house with nice trees beside it  but then I drew a plane flying by dropping a bomb and then everything going to hell. There's a hole in the roof and it’s on fire; the nice trees are now on fire and this is no longer a safe home.

I drew a kid crying because his iPad cracked beside a kid begging for food.


My cartoon shows some of the things that affect homes and make them dangerous to live in. The things that affect safe homes are wars (airplane crashes), explosions, looting, breaking into homes and setting them on fire. All these things happen which cause people to lose their homes and set foot on the streets foraging to look for food and money. This is what is happening in some countries right at this moment. Many people’s lives, including children’s, are affected because we can’t unite as one and become one whole world.


My political cartoon represents peace in shackles. It shows that we are free to a certain extent and have “broken the chains”, but the chains are still physically around our wrists, cramming us, and forcing us to think inside the box. We feel like we have won - which is what the peace/victory symbol represents, but we are bound to the chains dragging us down and holding us tightly together. The grey throughout the hand symbolizes that the chains all around us, snippets throughout our life, are now ingrained in us. In the end there are several ways to interpret my political cartoon.


My cartoon represents war and especially civil war and how the Syrians feel about getting their houses destroyed so I drew houses getting destroyed by two planes because it represents getting attacked and attacking. Why war?


This picture shows that in one place (like where we live) everything can be perfect and amazing but not too far away it can be completely opposite. There is war, starvation, poverty etc… This is why we need to start appreciating what we have.


In my picture there is an hourglass,at the top of the hourglass is shows safety not being able to get to the bottom,which is the less fortunate kids at the bottom in need of safety and the necessities to live.


My cartoon is about the struggles that the people of Syria have to endure, and how they still stay strong through adversity and conflict. With constant war erupting throughout the country, towns, and villages are destroyed leaving the tenants homeless, jobless, and starving.


In my cartoon a family is in the middle of a war and this is related to people in the Middle East where every day they have to deal with this problem, where countries are bombing areas where Isis is, and are also killing non-Isis people.


My picture is a heart being split in half. On the right side of the heart are words that describe happiness, and on the left side are words that describe sadness and depression. The purpose of the two sides is to say that when you are sad and depressed, all happiness is lost and ripped out of you. When you're happy, you don't have any sadness in your heart. When you are in a home that is not safe you are not going to be happy.



The comic I made is meant to look deceiving. It is a dangerous house, with all the reasons why a house could be dangerous written on it, but it is built in a nice neighbourhood with trees and grass and it doesn’t look dangerous at all, until you look up close and see all the written words. In my comic I tried to explain that an unsafe home can belong to anyone, anywhere. Even though my unsafe cartoon house isn’t where you would expect it, it is still there.


My cartoon represents that people who are wealthy don't have it as hard as people who are not. The top part represents the people in Syria not having beds to sleep in and that their country is alway getting attacked. The bottom half shows how some people are spoiled, and that they have houses to live in and that they take advantage of what they have.


My poster is about two countries. One country is full of war. There is no wealth, no freedom and no rights. The other country has freedom, wealth, no war, and the people have many rights.


My cartoon shows two different lives: on one side there is a peaceful  family having an  amazing day and enjoying themselves. On the other side there is a family living in poverty where they do not have a safe home and a stable area to live in. The family living in poverty doesn't reach the human or children’s rights. You will quickly notice which family is which when you look at my cartoon.


My cartoon is about the civil war that is going on in Syria, and all the horrible things that are happening there like crime, murder, bombings and more horrid things. I wanted to portray the things that are currently happening in Syria. My picture shows a house burning and a mother with her two children are crying.


I drew a picture of what seems to be, or should be, two identical households because sometimes when it seems as though it's a normal house that's not always the case. In the first picture you see a kind loving family but in the second one you see a house unfit for a child; there are knives hanging from the wall and someone screaming at the kid.



My cartoon represents the Syrian refugees walking up a steep hill what makes it tough for them to get to the other side which is Canada, but only a certain number can come to Canada. On the other side of the paper is Canada which has stairs so it's easy for them to go to places.

This is about a kid who has been living in an unsafe home for a long time. It has affected her immensely with depression. In this drawing, she is about to commit suicide.


My cartoon is about a war with ISIS and the U.S. and they are having it in the middle of a refugee camp where there are hurt people and low supplies.



My drawing represents a kid that has no voice. Her mouth is taped so she can't scream while her dad harasses her. Also it could represent kids being sold to work, or a kid with no voice. Her skinny body represents how some people don't feed their children.

Taylor E.

My drawing is a picture in a frame. The frame gets beaten up like the kids and things on the frame. The picure is safe inside like the girl behind the window.


My cartoon represents two sides, Canada and Syria. On the left side of my drawing there is half of a girl in Canada with affordable nice things (clothing, lipstick etc). Beside it there is a Canadian flag and words representing how Canada is a good country to be in (peace, freedom, no war, and happy). On the right side, there is the other half of the girl but in Syria with ripped clothing, cuts, bleeding, and scars. Beside her there is a Syrian flag and words representing how Syria is a bad country to be in right now (war, guns, sadness, in danger, and needs help).

Some people live peacefully, while others live under the weight of war.
Fire, fighting and sadness everywhere.
Trees are burnt, homes are destroyed and children are scared.
Evil is so happy.
Dove of peace is sadly leaving.


War happens all around the world especially in third world countries. In my cartoon there is a wealthy person threatening to kill a child from a third world country. Anyone can change the world for the better or worse. It’s up to you to decide the impact you're going to have on the world.





Feedback from: Pupils from 2 HA1 of de Grundel - hengelo Holland (we liked the Skype session we had)

Feedback from Luuk to Srichakra/Gijs toOwen/ Douwe to Casey/Mart to Joanna/Joy to Alvin/ Joy to Christian/Job to Taylor E./ Isabel to Jack:/ Rosalie to Sabrina

It’s a really good and important right. No one has to be abused, because later they can do the same things because children imitate their parents. So when their parents abuse their children they would do the same thing with their children later. I hope that your message will be delivered all over the world, it is making the world bad and tough. In The Netherlands you can go to prison for a very long time for a crime like that.

Owen you have made a nice drawing and your text is good.

Your story about children’s rights is good. But maybe it’s a bit long. The drawing is beautiful. It’s very good what you write about children’s rights. I like it.

I like this right too. I think that persons with disabilities have the right to special care and education. So that they also have a more successful life later. I like this right and I think it’s good that you have chosen that right because it’s important to give them also a good life with that disability. Here in Holland we have a good education for the children with disabilities. I hope that all over the world children with disabilities have a good education and a very nice life.

I think you have chosen a really, really important right. Children all over the world have the right to grow up in a war free environment. Not being a child soldier. Every child has the right to play and have fun without fear. It’s a job for all the people of the world to provide a better world for every child. The right to have an education, I think that’s really important to have. Here in The Netherlands it is very natural that every child goes to school. I can’t imagine that children are soldiers and that they cannot go to school.

I think you have chosen a really important right. Everyone has the right to choose their own religion. I know that some people are discriminated or killed because they believe in another religion. I think that is horrible. In The Netherlands you may choose your own religion. You may not discriminated people. It’s embedded in our constitution but I can’t say that it doesn’t happen.

I really agree with your opinion, because you can give the children school rights but freedom is all where it starts with, because you can give children school rights but if there is a war or something else like that it just doesn’t work.

I think that Jack chose an interesting subject and he drew his drawing in a way that if you would look at it that you would immediately get it. In Holland we don’t have a law with this right but I think that everybody has the right to live a happy life. I also think that Jack can draw very well.

In the Netherland we don’t have child labour. But we do give more attention to stores who uses child labour like H&M. But there are people who kidnap their child to another country because the parents are in a fight.

Maybe more feedback will follow shortly. Bye for now.



Feedback from: (add name of the group or class that gives feedback)



  We are having a Skype meeting with .............. group:
                                                        on .............. date 

                                                         at .............. pm/am



Contributions Challenge 2:

We feel that education is both a right and an obligation. It is an obligation because our country needs educated people to build a better economy. It is a right because without an education you cannot have a future, and every child deserves a future. With an education you can get a better job which is important if you want to support your family and have a good life. However education isn’t just useful for getting a job, you need a basic education to learn how to read labels and handle money, which are basic every day tasks.


Some things are easier to learn at school than outside of school. These include things like math and literacy, as well as how to collaborate with others, and how to co-operate in a group or classroom setting.

Outside of school, you learn manners and responsibility from your parents. You can learn sports and games. You can learn to use household equipment like an oven or a stove. You can learn to do household chores.


From working and having an after school job, you learn responsibility and possibly how to be more independent. You learn that going to school is a privilege and that it is a hard to make money. You learn what life is like when you are older and how to save money. You can learn money handling, and punctuality, which are vital skills when looking for a job.


It is impossible to learn everything from one person. You learn different things from different people. For example, you can learn math from your teacher, social skills from your parents, and new games from your friends.


There are many reasons that children might not go to school. There might not be schools in the area and not enough money for children to get there or pay for uniforms or supplies. They may live in poverty and have to work to earn money for their families. They may be sick.


We believe that every child should be able to go to school and should have at least 8-10 years of education. After that, when you are 16 or 17, you should be able to choose between more education like university, or going to work.


Most of us felt that children should help at home with chores, but not with earning the family income. We felt that helping with chores is a responsibility as part of a family. It helps teach what life is like.


Some of us thought that children should be allowed to get an after school job and earn money when they are 12-14 years of age because when kids are that old they are better at communicating with other people and are open to conversation. Others felt that 15 - 17 was a better age, however everyone agreed that kids must be responsible enough to handle a job and school, and know how to balance and save money before getting a job. Getting a job will help them learn how to spend their money and to learn that money is hard to earn.


We think that a public school should be aware if the students work, but that it is not the teachers’ or the schools’ responsibility to make sure the children have a good life style and don’t work.


We feel that you should not have to earn money when you work hard at school because if you are going to do well at school you need to use all your energy there. School is supposed to help you get a good education and help you choose your dream job in the future. Working hard at your education is already payment. It is your right, and there are many other kids around the world who do not have education and would love to have it.


To help stop child labour in other countries we could donate money to those countries. We could start a charity to help stop child labour, and raise awareness. We could step up and show how child labour affects children and what it does to their bodies and minds. We could create awareness on social media or other sites. We could make sure that we don’t buy things that are made by child labour.


It is important to be able to play because playing provides exercise. Exercise increases mental capacity. Playing or leisure are important because they provide exercise and exercising

releases endorphins which can make you happy. If you don’t exercise then you will become overweight.


You learn many things through play. You learn social skills and how to get along with others. You learn how to cope with many different people. Play is healthy both mentally and physically. Play and exercise can calm stress. You learn how to play fair. You learn how to be happy and how to let things go.


Some of us thought that having to participate in an after school activity like football practice if we did not want to go would still be considered spare time because it is still in our extra time. Extra time is when you have nothing to do, like you have finished school and you have no school work, so it is considered spare time. Others felt that it could not be considered spare time because spare time means you’re doing something because you want to do it.


Some of the things that you can do in your spare time are learn how to play games and maybe read a book or learn something from an educational television show. When you read articles or news you learn a variety of different things things, for example you could learn about Egypt's history and geography, or reading the news you can learn about good and bad things happening all around the world. You can learn to use time wisely. 


Some of us thought that it is up to our teachers, parents and guardians to make sure that we have enough spare time. Others think that it is our own responsibility. 


The assignment that we decided to work on for Challenge 2 was to design our own learning environment.


Casey, Taylor A., Owen, Lucas, Carter


In our classroom, we used big round tables instead of desks so that more than one person could sit comfortably, having more than one person would benefit us because we would have somebody to help us with our work and we would also be able to share materials like textbooks.


 We decided to add a sleeping room to our classroom so students would have time to take a quick nap break in between classes. We would manage the rooms by having 15 minute shifts between students. This way every student would have a fair share of time. We could also install an alarm that goes off every fifteen minutes to wake the students up/tell the other students to go in.


The juice bar in the back left of the classroom is so that kids don't get dehydrated. We would charge for the drinks and the proceeds would go to doing the laundry from the beds in the sleeping rooms. We put a smart board as big as a normal whiteboard because you can do more stuff with them. 







Feedback from: (add name of the group or class that gives feedback)




Feedback from: National College B P Hasdeu

We consider that drawing it's a beautiful art. In your drawings we saw a lot of amazing things. We consider that freedom it's our right and no one shouldn't take our rights by wars. Everything can be perfect if we want it so, but we have to respect each other. We shouldn't fight for some places. We could just debate instead of wars. It's also very nice how you described yourselfs in tree words.   


We are having a Skype meeting with .............. group: 
                                                      on .............. date 

                                                       at .............. pm/am













Comments (4)

Bart ten Dam said

at 9:13 am on May 18, 2016

the art works look amazing! it's also very nice how you described yourselfs in tree words. We can see you've put effort into your work and your English is great too! -students

Anita Townsend said

at 1:46 am on Apr 13, 2016

A wonderful collection of cartoons to depict the struggles for many of the world's children! Well done!

Anita Townsend said

at 11:00 pm on Mar 2, 2016

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Children's Rights. It is good to meet you all! The posters and your opinions about the rights you selected were very informative.

Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 8:34 am on Mar 2, 2016

Dear participants,
thank you for the presentation of the group of athlets, artists and community helpers. You are a great team!

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