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Timeline Learning Circles Children's Rights 2016

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Timeline Learning Circles Children's Rights  2016


Phase 1. February 08 –  February 28  2016  



Before we start to learn and work together, it is nice to know who everyone is.

Once you have access to the wiki, you can start editing your own schoolpage.

We will also make an introduction to children's rights. 

If you click on the name of your school on this page, you can start with the first phase!




Phase 2. February 29 – April 03  2016

Challenge 1


On Monday morning, February 29, we will start the first challenge.

Each group has 5 weeks to finish the challenge, until Sunday April 3, to post inspiring contributions on your school page. 

In the last three weeks of this Phase there is enough time for feedback on the contributions. 

All pages of this wiki are visible for everyone. 

Please have a look at the pages of the other participants too!








Phase 3. April 04 – May 08  2016


Challenge 2 

On Monday morning April 4th, we will start the second challenge. Five weeks time to work on the group assignments of your choice. We invite you to closely look at the contributions of the other students in your Circle. Also discuss in your group what the similarities and differences in the different groups are.


From April 18 – May 27  2016:  Students are working individually on this Challenge in a peerScholar assignment


Based on the first two weeks of this Challenge, students will write a letter to UNICEF in peerScholar and give feedback on the work of three peers. In an amazing process of peer learning students reflect on their own work and with constructive feedback from three of their classmates in the Learning Circle, each student can improve their own work. That's the way to learn together, with constructive feedback and by sharing critical and creative thoughts about Children's Rights.


During this period, all schools are closed 1-2 weeks for holidays; so take your time for a good planning!



Phase 4. May 09 – May 27   2016


On Monday morning May 9th the final phase starts. Until Friday May 27th there's time to work on your Completion. We are all curious about your letter and your 'eye-openers'.



With your feedback we can improve our Learning Circles and make the next even more successful.


School Holidays


The Netherlands



(South) February 20 - February 28  

(North) February 27 - March 06  


May holidays: April 30 - May 08  


Easter holidays: March 24 - April 10  



March Break: March 14 - 18  






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