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Completion and Evaluation

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 Completion & Evaluation


May 09 - May 27 / 2016




On Monday morning May 9th the final phase starts.
Until Friday May 27th there's time to work on

your group assignment for the Completion. 

We are all curious about your letter and your 'eye-openers'.



In these last weeks of the Learning Circles we like to receive your feedback

and learn how you experienced working together in this 'global classroom’.


What went really well and how can we grow stronger?

Your tips and tops are helpful to improve our Learning Circles

and make the next even more successful.





1. Completion 
Group assignment - A letter to the jury of GTP:



On November 20th 2014 the World celebrated the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Almost all countries (196) have ratified this international treaty that recognizes the human rights of children everywhere.


By taking part in the Learning Circle you have created and seen a lot of information about the present 54 children's rights and how the world is dealing with it. In the past months you probably found out that 'we' still don't meet up to the rights of children. Many children are victims of failure to fulfill a promise.

Maybe it helps if we think together, if we design a different plan, with a different approach.

It's time for ideas that no one considered!


The assignment:

In collaboration with UNICEF we as GTP have launched a 'writing contest' that allows you as LC-participants to speak out and raise your voice.

We ask you to write a paper (about 500 words) to the jury of GTP in which you include:

• A brief class introduction, so the jury understands who you are as a class and where you're from.

• Your lessons learned and eye-openers during the Learning Circle process.

• Design a plan to improve at least one children's right.

How can your plan improve the conditions in the lives of children?

Describe what motivated your group or class to make this choice and why you think this specific plan deserves the attention of the jury.


The jury will share these letters with UNICEF and spread them (through various social media) among many students and teachers participating in various projects of GTP!


What is The Global Teenager Project (GTP)?

The Global Teenager Project connects students globally by sharing web based classroom challenges, contributions and discussions. 

The Learning Circles Children’s Rights improve intercultural understanding and increase awareness about the conditions in the lives of children worldwide. 

GTP wants to take away stereotypical images and preconceived ideas and gives way to a deeper understanding for different perspectives. 



2. Evaluation:


We like to receive your feedback and learn how you experienced working together in this 'global classroom’.



Please post your letter to the jury of GTP and your evaluation on your school page.


Good luck and thank you!







Now we’re at the end of this journey.

But you will continue



and listening to

each other's stories


the rights of all children.



They are seen and heard,

far beyond this Learning Circle!





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